Best Time To Visit Alleppey | Alappuzha Weather & Temperature

Best Time To Visit Alleppey | Alappuzha Weather & Temperature
Best Time To Visit Alleppey

Nestled in the heart of Kerala, Alleppey or Alappuzha is often described as the ‘Venice of the East’. With its labyrinthine network of canals, picturesque backwaters, and serene houseboats, it’s no wonder that this town is a must-visit destination on every traveller’s bucket list. But as enchanting as Alleppey is, to make the most of its mesmerizing charm, timing is everything.

While Houseboat in alleppey offer an unparalleled experience, the annual Nehru Trophy Boat Race is a spectacle that draws countless visitors, and the town’s resplendent temples showcase its rich cultural heritage. But when is it the best time to soak in all these experiences?

From the balmy embrace of winter to the passionate downpour of monsoon and the blazing sun of summer, each season paints Alleppey in different hues. Here’s a detailed guide to help you decide when to pack your bags and set out for this paradise, ensuring you choose the best time to visit Alleppey.

What is the best time to visit Alleppey?

Activities in Alleppey

The best time to visit Alappuzha Kerala backwaters is between October and February when the temperature hovers around a comfortable 33°C. This period is perfect for exploring the town’s beauty and engaging in various activities, from lounging on the sandy beaches to embarking on a mesmerizing houseboat cruise on the backwaters.

However, just as every coin has two sides, each season in Alleppey offers a unique experience. Some might argue that the monsoons, between June and September, when the town is drenched in rain, is the most romantic, while others may warn you of its torrential nature. Summers, on the other hand, are hot and can touch a scorching 40°C, making it less than ideal for outdoor activities.

Alleppey in Winter (October – March)

Winter is unarguably the best season to visit Alleppey…

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By diving deep into what each season in Alleppey has to offer, this guide aims to help travellers make an informed choice. After all, Lake Park Cruise is committed to ensuring every visitor experiences the best of Alleppey, no matter when they choose to visit.

Alleppey in Summer (April – May)

As the winter gives way to the approaching warmth, summer in Alleppey is characterized by its soaring temperatures and a palpable humidity. With temp often reaching up to 40°C, the sweltering heat can make sightseeing and outdoor activities quite challenging.


  1. Fewer Tourists: If you’re someone who prefers a quieter experience without the hustle and bustle of too many tourists, then summer might be your season. With fewer visitors during these months, you can enjoy a more peaceful cruise on the backwaters and explore attractions at your leisure.
  2. Discounted Rates: Given the off-peak season, many hotels and houseboats offer discounted rates, making it more economical for travellers.


  1. High Temperatures: As mentioned, the temperatures can be uncomfortably high, especially during the afternoon.
  2. Limited Outdoor Activities: Due to the scorching sun, you might find yourself limited to indoor or shaded activities during peak hours.

Things to Do:

  1. Morning or Evening Beach Visits: To avoid the midday sun, plan your beach visits during the early morning or late evening.
  2. Indoor Sightseeing: Explore the many museums, art galleries, and cultural centers that Alleppey has to offer.

Alleppey in Monsoon (June – September)

Monsoons in Alleppey are a sight to behold. As the rain breathes life into the green landscapes, the entire town gets enveloped in a misty allure. The backwaters become even more serene, with raindrops creating rhythmic patterns on their surface.


  1. Scenic Beauty: The landscape turns lush green, making the views from houseboats and waterfront resorts truly spectacular.
  2. Romantic Ambiance: The rain, combined with the tranquillity of the backwaters, sets a romantic mood, perfect for honeymooners or couples.
  3. Ayurvedic Treatments: Kerala, and especially Alleppey, is known for its traditional Ayurvedic treatments. Monsoon is believed to be the best time to undergo these rejuvenating therapies.


  1. Heavy Rainfall: The rain, though beautiful, can be incessant at times, disrupting outdoor plans.
  2. Limited Outdoor Activities: Just as in summer, the rain might limit the range of outdoor activities you can undertake.

Things to Do:

  1. Houseboat Stays: Experience the magic of the monsoons from the cozy confines of a houseboat.
  2. Spa and Ayurveda Treatments: Indulge in traditional Kerala Ayurvedic massages and treatments that are especially effective during the monsoons.
  3. Attend Local Festivals: The monsoon season is also the time for some local festivals. Experience the cultural richness of Alleppey by attending these vibrant events.

In Conclusion:

Alleppey is a destination that has something to offer year-round. While winter remains the most popular season for a visit, each season brings with it a unique charm and set of experiences. Depending on what you seek — whether it’s tranquillity, romance, or adventure — you can choose the time that aligns best with your travel aspirations.

After reading this blog about the best time to visit alleppey, you now understand the weather and can choose based on your interests.

No matter when you decide to visit, Alleppey’s ethereal beauty and rich cultural tapestry promise an unforgettable experience. So, gear up, pack your bags, and let the enchanting town of Alleppey sweep you off your feet!

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